Antigua and Barbuda Machine-readable Passports Issued Before May 2017 to be Replaced by ePassports
  • Posted 05 Aug ,2019

The government of Antigua and Barbuda announced the recall of machine-readable passports this May, aiming to prevent passport forging and enhance the capacity of countering counterfeiting.

Last issued in April 2017, all Antigua and Barbuda’s machine-readable passports are now subject to compulsory replacement without many requirements. No additional landing or oath taking is necessary.

All machine-readable passports will become invalid by December 31st, 2019, unless they are replaced by biometric passports (ePassports). By then, Antigua and Barbuda citizens who still travel or conduct activities with the machine-readable passports are possible to be confronted with legal risks.

The expiry date of newly replaced passports will be in line with the original ones. Only holders of passports whose remaining duration of validity is no more than 6 months can apply for a e-Passport valid for 10 years, if they have completed landing, oath taking and fulfilled the 5-day residency requirement.

The only one essential requirement for passport replacement is that the old passports shall be submitted. Therefore, it is suggested that holders of Antigua and Barbuda machine-readable passports make corresponding adjustments to their travel schedule.

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