Globevisa Ranking Among the World Largest Immigration Agencies Based on Latest Figures
  • Posted 09 Aug ,2019

Globevisa is ranked as one of the world biggest immigration agencies, according to a latest analysis published by Investment Migration Insider (IMI), an immigration news platform. The industry giant with 13 years of history is regarded to be trustworthy due to its well-established systems and relationships for most investment migration programs.

Choosing a large qualified immigration company is of high significance when people’s eagerness to stay in a country legitimately is always manipulated by immigration frauds. This June, 150 people in Hillsborough County, Florida were scammed by a self-proclaimed immigration service provider, reported by Hillsborough Sheriff's Office. Warnings of visa application scam therefore have been published by some of the U.S. state departments, including that of New York.

Such scenarios not only exist when people hope to stay, but also occur when they are worried about applications being affected by the tightening regulations. In order to increase the possibility of getting approval, many people approach immigration consultancies which claim to be able to offer help with document preparation.

However, only a few have the capacity to do so, especially when increased regulations and compliance are taken under consideration. To smooth the path for relocation, companies must have all relevant professionals ready. This requires the company to be large at least at organizational level,which refers to the number of employees.

Despite the necessity of hiring multiple employees specializing in different fields, most immigration consultancies are small-scale workshops with less than 10 people. According to IMI, only 1.8% of companies in immigration industry have more than 400 staff members, and all these firms are based in China.

Among them, Globevisa is one of the world largest immigration service providers as of now. Reported by IMI, Globevisa, with more than 1,000 staff members and over 30 offices worldwide, possesses well-established systems and relationships for most immigrant investor programs.

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