Philippine President Approved the Proposal to Stamp Visa on Chinese Passports on August 6th
  • Posted 12 Aug ,2019

Philippine president Rodrigo Duterte approved the proposal to stamp Philippine visa on Chinese passports on August 6th, 2019, according to The Philippine News Agency, the mouthpiece of the country.

First introduced owing to the territorial dispute over “nine-dash line” between Philippines and China, the policy that Philippine visas are issued to Chinese nationals on a separate form has already been implemented for almost 7 years.

Now, the potential security threat brought by foreign nationals who enter this country via such visas urges the government to make an adjustment on its visa issuance. According to reliable sources, the new regulation will take effect possibly after two months.

Under the new regulation, all visas issued to Chinese citizens, including Philippines Special Resident Retiree's Visas (SRRVs), will be stamped on passports instead of separate forms.

No substantive impact will be brought to those who have already obtained a Philippine visa stamped on a separate piece of paper. SRRV holders, for example, can still enter or leave Philippines with this permanent visa by showing it and the passport to customs officials. As the SRRV is of permanent validity, it is not subject to replacement even the new policy takes effect.

The overall processing time of SRRV application is 2 months only. After obtaining the SRRV, holders are allowed to live, work and conduct business activities in Philippines legitimately. The country has lured hundreds of thousands Chinese nationals to come with its online casino industry, in which companies can only be operated by and offer services to non-Filipinos.

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