How to Migrate to Australia: An Introduction & Visas for Investors, Businessmen and Skilled Workers

How to migrate to Australia? Click here for a brief introduction & visas solutions for investors, businessmen and skilled workers.

Read More> 2019-08-16
Methods in Immigrating Europe with Zero Investment. France, Spain, Portugal, Greece & Cyprus

European Union (EU) passports are among the most powerful in the world, having the highest standard of benefits, unrestricted right to live, retire, work, study and do business in all the EU membership countries. However, before enjoying all these benefit

Read More> 2019-08-13
Philippine President Approved the Proposal to Stamp Visa on Chinese Passports on August 6th

Philippine president approved the proposal to stamp Philippine visa on Chinese passports, which may officially take effect two months later. Click here for more details.

Read More> 2019-08-12
Canada Immigration Methods in Investment, Entrepreneur, Business, Education Streams

As of 2019, there are over 80 Canadian immigration programs are available to individuals and families who are seeking to immigrate to Canada. These programs are generally categorized into 4 types, from investment, entrepreneurship, skilled migration, to o

Read More> 2019-08-10
Globevisa Ranking Among the World Largest Immigration Agencies Based on Latest Figures

Globevisa is ranked among the world largest immigration agencies based on latest figures. Click here for more details.

Read More> 2019-08-09
Antigua and Barbuda Machine-readable Passports Issued Before May 2017 to be Replaced by ePassports

All Antigua machine readable passports are required to be replaced by ePassport before 2020. Find out the requirements now.

Read More> 2019-08-05
Singapore Bank Account Opening Becomes Backup Plan of Hongkongers amid Trade War and Recent Upheaval

Singapore bank account opening becomes Hongkongers’ backup plan with lenient KYC review and short processing time.

Read More> 2019-08-02
Increasing Number of Hongkongers Moving Taiwan, Simple Investment Requirement as Major Pull Factor

Increasing Number of Hongkongers Moving Taiwan, Simple Investment Requirement as Major Pull Factor.

Read More> 2019-08-01
U.S. EB-5 Immigrant Investor Program Latest Reforms Urge People Towards Other Golden Visa Options

USA EB-5 Immigrant Investor program reform policy was announced. Doubled investment requirement urges people to find solutions.

Read More> 2019-07-26
Portuguese Citizenship: 2 Most Popular Ways Under Golden Visa Investment & Become EU Citizen

Portuguese Citizenship; Golden Visa; Fund Investment; EU Citizen; €350,000; Capital Protected

Read More> 2019-07-26
Australia Immigration: Re-open of Business and Skilled Migration Queensland and Victoria 188 Updates

Business and Skilled Migration Queensland reopened and Victoria application process simplified.

Read More> 2019-07-25
UK Tier 1 Investor Visa Reform Bond Investment Off Equation, People Sift GBP 50,000 Immigration Option

New rules implemented on UK Tier 1 investor visa concerning future application. Read now for more insights.

Read More> 2019-07-22
Hong Kong, CN Migration Streams: Options for Entrepreneurs, Skilled Workers & International Students

Tailor your immigration plan and migrate to Hong Kong, find out streams for entrepreneurs, skilled workers or students.

Read More> 2019-07-19
Imminent Changes to Minimum Eligibility of Australia 188 Business Innovation and Investment Visa

Get the latest updates to 188 Business Innovation and Investment Visa minimum eligibility criteria.

Read More> 2019-07-15
Hong Kong Funds Outflowing to Singapore, Citibank Tightens Requirements for New Bank Accounts

HongKongers moving away from poor economy, and political environment, setting up offshore accounts in Singapore and other popular locations.

Read More> 2019-07-10
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