Choice of High Net Value Persons:Opening Bank Accounts in Hong Kong and Macau

The Hong kong and Macao Account opening Program aims to help customers apply for Hong Kong/macao multi-currency international personal bank accounts and to provide a three-month account maintenance services for customers. Opening an account in Hong Kong/macao is the first step for overseas account opening. For Chinese customers who are eager to have an overseas account , Hong Kong /macao is currently the most convenient and fastest choice. You can open an account without going abroad and there is no language barrier after opening an account. Asset management and account usage are very convenient for users.

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Overseas cash withdrawal, credit card, online bank transfer, wire transfer, and bank account manager without cultural differences----These are the reasons for customers to choose Hong Kong and Macao. Hong Kong's global stock market makes it easy to trade stocks of Hong Kong, Singapore, the United States, Canada, Japan, Australia and the United Kingdom. It can trade up to 14 foreign currencies, support a variety of international currencies and always keep in touch with international trade. ATM cards can be used in various countries to facilitate the flexible use of funds. Hence, many high-net-worth clients want to open several accounts in Hong Kong /macao banks.

Policy tightening makes it more difficult to open accounts overseas

A number of internet news have shown that it is more and more difficult to open or maintain accounts overseas.

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As officially notified by the Hong Kong Monetary Authority,in recent years , international efforts in combating illegal activities including money laundering,terrorist financing and tax evasion have stepped up significantly. This,coupled with various sanctions regimes, have prompted banks to enhance their anti-money laundering and counter-terrorist financing controls in general ,including a more stringent customer due diligence process for existing and new customers. Therefore, compared with five or ten years ago, the account opening process is indeed more complex and requires longer time now.

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With the tightening situation of the World Bank, the implementation of bank compliance, the international anti-money laundering regulations and the signing of many multilateral agreements, it has become more and more difficult to open personal accounts in foreign banks. Customers who want to open an account in an overseas bank need to disclose their address certificate, background certificate, explanation of the source of funds. Moreover, even if the account is successfully opened, it does not mean that the account can be used forever. Some large asset customers fail to explain the reasons to the banks when they make transactions, which leads to the account being closed.

Ten Account Opening Program of Globevisa

Many customers choose unprofessional institutions to open accounts or DIY by themselves. The consequences are that the bank will ask customers to provide a lot of complex documents, and customers even need to go to the bank back and forth, which may leave a bad record in the bank.

How to solve the difficulties of opening accounts abroad? We hereby launch the ten Personal Bank Account Opening Program which are located in Asia, Europe and America.

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Globevisa will simplify the bank process and the account opening documents. Also,we will arrange a dedicated and experienced bank manager to help customers deal with bank compliance department, hence, there is no need for customers to provide a lot of explanations or various documents when they make transactions with their account.
Globevisa maintains a close relationship with many large commercial banks in these ten areas. We understand the internal operation mode of banks, grasp the first-hand information, prepare perfect account opening information for customers, provide free accompany services, and offer a three-month consultation and maintenance services after accounts opened, which provides many conveniences for customers to use their accounts properly.

The Hong kong and Macao Account Opening Projects

As an exceptionally competitive financial and business hub, Hong Kong remains one of the world’s most resilient economies. Hong Kong is ranked 1st among 43 countries in the Asia–Pacific region, and its overall score is well above the regional and world averages. As one of the three major international financial centers, Hong Kong has always been popular among international businessmen for its sound financial system and relaxed tax environment. In addition, Hong Kong's free financial market also attracted many well-known banks around the world to set up branches in Hong Kong.

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Macau’s currency is pegged to the Hong Kong dollar, which is closely tied to the U.S. dollar. As a free port, Macau has long benefited from global trade and investment. Other industires such as  finance, insurance, and real estate are also very prosperous.
For enterprises and individuals engaged in professional investment or international trade, it is necessary to open a bank account in Hong Kong/Macao which can not only satisfy savings, but also facilitate the management of funds.

As for the bank selectionsthere are seven international banks in Hong kong and two banks in macao for clients to choose.

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The total program time period will be in 1-2 weeks in normal cases.

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Our advantages

Why should you choose globevisa instead of other institutions ?

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1. GLOBEVISA has a close relationship with many large local commercial banks in Hong Kong/Macao, which can get bank internal information to customers and help customers maintain their accounts.

2. GLOBEVISA has a mature passport business. We has long history of passport and citizenship programs. Customers with a foreign passport to open an account can truly realize asset Management.

3. GLOBEVISA will provide excellent service, simplify the process of opening an account, improve the success rate of opening an account, and provide free consulting services for 3 months after the successful opening of an HK/Macao account, which will help customers to establish a good trust relationship with the bank and benefit the future account usage.

4. GLOBEVISA has the world's exclusive asset management solutions. Clients can manage their assets professionally by opening overseas account.















1. 环球与多个国家和地区的多所大型商业银行有着密切的合作关系,了解真实的银行内部信息,为账户开立简化资料,缩短周期。

2. 环球有多年成熟的护照业务,同样能够办理外籍人士的开户项目,帮助外籍人士实现财富管理。

3. 环球提供3个月的后续账户指导维护服务,能够帮助开户人和银行保持良好的关系,协助维护账户的使用安全。

4. 环球作为专业财富管理方案提供者,能够协助开户人开立并维护境外账户,实现资金的管理与规划。

从您的需求出发,订制出国方案 移民留学、海外置业、资产安全,您需要的我们都为您考虑周到